Getting Started!

If the concept of OER has piqued your interest, the resources on this page will help you better understand how working with OER works.

Creating OER and Combining Licenses

From The Orange Grove, Florida’s OER repository

This first of two parts of “Creating OER and Combining Licenses” presents a step-by-step process of finding and selecting open educational resources (OER) to use in a derivative work, choosing a Creative Commons license, and applying the license to the work.

This second video explores the challenges of using and remixing open educational resources (OER) with different Creative Commons licenses in a derivative work. It examines the restrictions of each license element, and illustrates how solutions can be found when licenses are incompatible.


Here is a quick guide (pdf) for an overview of OER at UH A Faculty Survival Guide to OER. Here is the link to a Word version to Retain, Revise, Remix, Reuse, and Redistribute.