How do I Cite or Provide Attribution for a File I use from the Repository?

The Creative Commons Wiki at Title, Author, Source, License gives the basics and elaborations for citing and providing attribution for materials with Creative Commons Licensing. Think TASL, Title, Author, Source, and License.

Title of the work should be noted if it is available.

Author is the entity that should be given attribution. In the UH OER Repository, attribution should be given to the Author, or if the Rights Holder is different from the Author, the Rights Holder should be given attribution.

Source is the Web address, URI, or DOI of the material. Each object in the UH OER Repository has a permanent link assigned to it. Use a permanent link to help others find the material you are citing.

License is critical for all copyrighted materials because it tells you how you can use the materials. The license associated with the OER objects in the UH OER Repository is clearly marked and must be observed when using materials downloaded from the repository.

Name and provide a link to the license, for example: for a CC BY license.

The Creative Commons Licenses page at provides information about each of the six CC licenses. Click on the View License Deed for each license to learn more about the rights and protections of the license. Each license deed also has a link to machine readable code in use this license at the bottom of the page. Embedding the license into your digital file will ensure that the license stays with the materials.

Here is a slide presentation about features of Creative Commmons 4.0 for educational resources.

From Creative Commons Australia, a colorful and helpful guide to attribution in the CC universe, a PDF pamphlet at Pooling Ideas: We are what we share. Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.45.57 PM





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