How do I upload a file to the UH OER Repository?

First you must decide which of these three descriptions best applies to the work you want to upload.

  1. My original work is work for which you own or co-own the copyright.
  2. My modification of someone’s work is work that has a Creative Commons license that allows the creation of derivative works, that is it has a CC-By or CC-By-SA or CC-By-NC license, see Creative Commons Licenses.
  3. An unmodified copy of someone else’s work is a work that allows reuse, and you have not modified the content of the work.

Once you have clicked the appropriate radio button, Submit.

Browse for your file on your desktop, select, and Upload.

Adding Another Format

If you wish to upload a document or other educational resource in more than one version, e.g. PDF and MS Word, once you upload the first file you will have the opportunity to add other files that will be associated with a copy of the metadata used to describe the first file.

There is a size limit of 10Mb for files.  If the file you want to upload is more than 10Mb and cannot be made smaller, contact for further help.

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