What are the Extra Metadata Fields for Modified Works?

If the work that you upload into the UH OER Repository is derived from or a modified version of another work, copyright law and Creative Commons Licensing require acknowledgement of the work of another.

When a resource is your modification of someone’s  work a group of metadata fields are added to the basic set of fields to capture information about the original work.  The  Title, Author(s), URL of the source, and the Creative Commons license are important data to keep track of  for all resources that you modify.

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More About Attribution of Creative Commons Licensed Materials

For a colorful and helpful guide to attribution from Creative Commons Australia download Pooling Ideas: We are what we shareScreen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.45.57 PM





A wiki maintained by Creative Commons provides Best Practices for Attribution with discussions of different attribution scenarios.

Go to a Guide to the Other Metadata Fields for more metadata fields.

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