OER Resources


Links to videos that take you through creating OER and to copyright and Creative Commons licensing guidance, and attribution builders.

Getting Started and Copyright for OER


OER Libguides provide a platform for curated collections of OER and other educational materials that are free to UH students.  Any UH faculty who would like to use this platform to collect OER for a class is welcome.  Just email oer@hawaii.edu for an account.

OER Libguides (in the search box enter OER)


Open Courses provide a structure (syllabus), a timeline, and lecture content.  Often they require the students to purchase the accompanying texts.

Open Courses

Sources for textbooks were selected with Creative Commons CC By licensing, allowing you to download, reuse, revise, and redistribute the content.

Sources for Textbooks

Learning Objects sources include wikis, lesson plans, short videos, software, and other tools. Each source offers different search capabilities and conditions of use vary.

Learning Object Sources

Open Access journals enable your students to access peer reviewed literature without licensing barriers.

Open Access to Journal Article Sources

Museums and libraries provide digitized primary sources and historical context to your OER.

Digital Museum and Library Sources

Open access video sources provide university content and learning support for your students.

Video Sources