Aloha and welcome to the UH OER workshop!

A crucial part of supporting OER adoption at the University of Hawai'i is empowering individual faculty and staff to work with OER. This page includes tutorials, write ups, and information about free and open source software tools we are using to create together. The Web has made it possible for individuals to publish and share their work with the world. We believe that technology infrastructure is essential for "many [OER] flowers to bloom," and that openness in terms of content, code, and process is a driver of change.


Pressbooks is the free, open source publishing software used to create dozens of OER textbooks, and is available to all UH-affiliated faculty, staff, and students. Pressbooks offers a rich editing environment with plugins and extensions for annotation, LaTeX markup, multimedia embeds, interactive quizzing, and more.

UH OER Training Handbook

A three-part training guide for bringing higher education instructors up to speed with Open Educational Resources (OER). This book was developed to serve as a standalone guide for independent creators and to support OER training through face-to-face, online, and hybrid delivery modes. The work book features three modules: OER 101, OER and Copyright, and OER Adaptation and Creation. All content is CC BY.

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Request an OER Demo or Workshop

Interested in OER but need more direct information? The following workshops are available on request to interested departments, units, and colleges:

  • Intro to Open Educational Resources
  • Copyright & Creative Commons licensing
  • OER Creation and Adaptation
  • Intro to Pressbooks Publishing Software
  • Building Interactive Pressbooks
  • Strategies for Collaborative OER Projects

To find out more about requesting a workshop or presentation about OER, get in touch with the OER representative on your campus.

A free software platform for working with OER content will soon be available to faculty and staff within the University of Hawai'i system. Find out how Pressbooks is a tool of choice for supporting OER content interoperability through open formats and Web standards.

What really goes into the making of open educational resources? We've created a print-ready handout that visually describes some of the key phases of OER production. A front-to-back look at making an textbook or course openly.

The UHM Outreach College funded a wave of OER grants for 2017/18, making it possible for faculty to publish their own OER textbooks, adapt OER from other authors, and build materials supporting their adoptions. Find out the latest here.