New Student PIRGs report on the impact of textbook costs in higher education

Covering the Cost (report by Student PIRGs)A new Student PIRGs report (just posted February 3, 2016) looks at the financial impact of textbook costs on students ability to attain a post-secondary education.  From  Covering the Cost, key findings from a sample size of 4, 704 students from 132 schools in 26 states, include:

  • Almost one-third (30%) of students replied that they had used financial aid to pay for their textbooks.
  • For those that used financial aid, the amount of financial aid dollars they put toward purchasing textbooks was more than $300 on average per semester.
  • Textbook prices disproportionately impact community college students: 50% of students report using financial aid for books at community colleges, compared to 28% at 4 year public schools. And, on average, community college students use more financial aid than their peers at 4 year schools.

Posted by Sara Rutter