About the UH OER Repository

What is the UH OER Repository?

The UH OER Repository is a PHP MySQL database. Each uploaded file is associated with a record. The required metadata fields for each uploaded file include:

  1. Resource title
  2. Author(s)
  3. Resource Type (a pull down menu)
  4. Usage Rights– Creative Commons license (a pull down menu)

There are also optional fields, which we strongly recommend that you complete to increase the discoverability of your resources.

The University of Hawaii OER Repository was built by Chris Komatsu, Information Technology Services (ITS) Programmer, in 2015.

Others involved in the development of the repository are listed on the OER Team page.  Outreach College and ITS initiated the project in July 2014.

Who can submit educational materials to the UH OER Repository?

The UH OER Repository will accept submissions from  University of Hawaii faculty and instructors.

Who can access educational materials in the UH OER Repository?

Materials in the repository have Creative Commons licenses and once they are published by the author(s) they are made available to all.  Reuse rights are stipulated by the Creative Commons licensing attached to the submitted files.

Questions? Contact oer@hawaii.edu

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