OpenStax announces new open textbooks for university courses

New books!
OpenStax College published the full versions of four new books within the last week!  All of these are peer-written, peer-reviewed, and went through a rigorous editorial process.
The books are online completely free (no passwords or registration required) in .pdf and web view format. Print copies (approximately 10% of students purchase print) are sold basically at cost ($29-$53 depending on the number of pages) and will be available in July for Fall.
When you go to the pages, please also note the “More Resources” tab, which directs faculty to the additional resources to support each book. We will be adding a variety of resources for each title over the summer.
By far, our most requested book!
Algebra and Trigonometry
College Algebra
American Society for Microbiology partnership with OpenStax College
Rice University-based publisher OpenStax College and the American Society for Microbiology Press announced they are teaming up to produce Microbiology, a new introductory-level textbook due for release in spring 2016 that will be free online and low-cost in print.
Content leads/Reviewer recruiting
OpenStax College hires content leads and reviews to peer-write and review our textbooks. They are also put through a rigorous editorial process prior to publication. To ensure we are meeting the standard scope and sequence of courses, we recruit qualified faculty from a wide variety of institutions. Below are our current needs and the contact information for each.
1.       University Physics
·         Chapter Revisers to work with the College Physics manuscript and help shape it into an appropriate calculus-based chapter. Candidates must have recent experience teaching the intro calculus-based course and familiarity with market leading textbooks to be considered for this important role.
·         Contact: Don Whelan, Assistant Editor,
2.       Astronomy
·         Chapter Revisers
·         Chapter Reviewers
·         Contact: Amanda Prestowitz, Editor,
3.       Prealgebra and Elementary Algebra
·         Exercise/Assessment writers (Elementary Alg)
·         Accuracy Checkers (Prealgebra)
·        Solutions Manual Writers (Prealgebra)
·         Sheri Mutreja, Project Coordinator,
Nicole Finkbeiner
Associate Director, Institutional RelationsRice University
Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship
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