The Learning, Business, and Moral Case for Open Educational Resources and Open Policies

Inside Higher Education and Creative Commons are hosting a webinar presentation by Cable Green giving an overview of a changing policy landscape regarding OER.
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 8:00:00 AM HST – 9:00:00 AM HST
The Internet, increasingly affordable computing and bandwidth, open licensing, open access journals and open educational resources (OER) provide the foundation for a world in which a higher education can be a basic human right. Governments and foundations are supporting this shift with a move to open policies: requiring public access to publicly (and foundation) funded resources.Dr. Cable Green, Director of Global Learning at Creative Commons, will provide an overview of open licensing and OER, and discuss specific examples where institution, provinces / states, nations and foundations have moved the default on funding from “closed” to “open.” He will also explore new OER projects that are pushing open education further into the mainstream.

Posted by Sunny Pai