Native Peoples of North America
Writing Commons
English Composition 1 Lumen Learning (Chapter 3: Overview of Writing Process)
How to Design a Course
Methods of Discovery: A Guide to Research Writing
Business English for Success
Botany online - The Internet Hypertextbook
Review of Video for Autobiography Unit
Project Planning Document 1
OER Project: Proposal Research Project
Write an Autobiography or Narrative Essay
The Grammar Mission
Online testing and the Laulima Tasks, Tests & Surveys tool.
Beginning the Autobiography
An Introduction to the Human Body: Chapter 1 Anatomy & Physiology
Vascular Homeostasis: BP and HR regulation and measurement
Diversity of Family Forms
Web soil survey assignment
The Family, a review
Identifying and manipulating categorical and numerical variables and data
Concepts of Biology
Introductory Statistics
College Physics
Introduction to Sociology, 2nd edition
Anatomy & Physiology
Introductory Statistics
Algebra and Trigonometry
College Algebra
Principles of Economics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
U.S. History
ENG 100 OER Online Course Instructor's Guide
ENG 100 OER Online Course Template
Web and HTML
PBT 250 Tropical Landscape syllabus
PBT program information
PBT 122 Soil Technology syllabus
PBT 200 Introduction to Plant Science syllabus
PBT 210 Introduction to Environmental Science syllabus
PBT 269 Ornamental Plant Materials syllabus
Ornamental plants urban garden guide
Ornamental plants for xeriscape
Patient Services Representative Student Manual
Patient Services Representative Workbook
Patient Services Representative Syllabus
Advanced Cataloging (LIS 606) Syllabus
FRBR Group 1 Entities (WEMI) (basic/advanced)
Cataloging and Technical Services at UH-Mānoa (basic/advanced)
How to construct an LCC call number for criticism of a literary work entered under author (basic/advanced)
Using Table P-PZ40 for literary authors with one cutter number (basic/advanced)
606 Assignment 11: Cartographic materials
OER Menu
How to Attribute Creative Commons Licensed Works
Guide to using the University of Hawaii OER Repository
List of works for 606 Assignment 2
606 Assignment 2: WEMI diagramming
MARC21 Bibliographic Format in Voyager and OCLC (basic/advanced)
Hamlet: works (basic/advanced)
Hamlet: expressions, manifestations, items
606 Assignment 1: AACR/RDA/ MARC bibliographic
Corporate body NAR key
Personal name NAR key
NAR workform
606 Assignment 3: RDA/MARC name authorities
HOA Training Manual
NARs for 606 Assignment 4
Subject authority record examples
Selected instruction sheets from Subject Headings Manual (SHM)
606 Assignment 4: Constructing access points for persons and corporate bodies
606 Assignment 5: Constructing authorized access points (AAPs) for works and expressions.
606 Assignment 6: Expressing WEMI relationships in MARC bibliographic format
606 Assignment 7: Subject cataloging I
606 Assignment 8: Subject cataloging II
606 Assignment 9: Bibliographic description
606 Assignment 10: Published textual monographs
606 Assignment 11: Cartographic materials
606 Assignment 12: Videorecordings
606 Assignment 13: Electronic serials
Constructing authorized access points (AAPs) for works and expressions (advanced)
Expressing WEMI relationships in MARC bibliographic format (advanced)
Geographic subdivision in LCSH subject heading strings (basic/advanced)
Subject authority record guide (basic/advanced)
How to assign LCSH (basic/advanced)
Selected instruction sheets from Subject Headings Manual (SHM) (advanced)
Answers to in-class geographic subdivision exercise (basic/advanced)
606 Assignment 7 answers
Original Cataloging Process: Description and Access (advanced)
General Rules for Transcription in RDA (basic)
Describing manifestations: books, pamphlets, printed sheets (basic)
ISBD Punctuation guidelines and examples (basic)
Physical description of printed texts (basic)
606 Assignment 8 answers
606 Assignment 9 physical description (300) answers
246 cheat sheet (basic/advanced)
Cartographic materials template and guidelines (advanced)
Relationship designators for persons and corporate bodies associated with a moving image work/expression (basic/advanced
Videorecordings template and guidelines (basic/advanced)
Serials cataloging (basic/advanced)
Meat Processing Curriulum
Musical sound recording template and guidelines (basic/advanced)
In-class exercise: Constructing AAPs and Expressing relationships (basic/advanced)
Online resources cataloging (basic/advanced)
Other cataloging reference resources available free on the WWW (workshop)
RDA Workshop outline
Resources for RDA Workshop
Review of Writing for Success
About Writing, A Guide
Densho Publications
Calculus I
Introduction to Paleoanthropology
Making Stone Tools
Writing for Success
Evaluating "Communicating Across Cultures" using the Interactive Learning Materials Evaluation Criteria
Eng 100, Composition I
Review of Composition I by Lumen Learning
Review of sftools
Review of Writing Spaces: Volume I, Chapter 5: Backpacks vs. Briefcases: Steps Toward Rhetorical Analysis by L
Review of" Information Systems for Business and Beyond": chapter 2
Global Text - Core Concepts of Marketing
Set Up for heating KCl + KClO3
Table: Electron Pair Geometrics and Molecular Shapes
Equipment used in Chemistry Labs: Handout
Irish Immigration to the US
OER-Based CTE ENG 100
Christy Passion
Renshi Reading
Good Corporation, Bad Corporation: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy
Free and Open Source Software in Education
Review of the APA Style Section of the Online Writing Lab at Excelsior College – March, 2017
Review of chapter one of Small Management in the 21st Century
Chapter one: Small Business Management in the 21st Century
An Introduction to Nutrition_Part 1_Chapters 1-5
An Introduction to Nutrition_Part 2_Chapters 6-10
An Introduction to Nutrition_Part 3_Chapters 11-16
An Introduction to Nutrition: A review
Excelsior's Online Writing Lab: APA Style
Instruction in Functional Assessment
Review of Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500 by Eugene Berger, Ph.D. | George L. Israel. Ph.D. | Charlotte Mill
Information and Computer Science Microbytes (Video Series)
Review of College Success
Review of World Regional Geography: People, Places, and Globalization