TXT0 Course Marking FAQ

Why is a TXT0 course marking being implemented at UH Manoa?
The effort to be transparent about course materials costs is centered around helping students make informed decisions about the courses they take. TXT0 marking began at UHM during summer sessions in 2016, and expanded systemwide in 2019.

What counts as a TXT0 course?
A course that has no textbook or related materials costs associated with it can be considered TXT0. Materials costs include textbook rentals, i-clickers, and other software licenses, but does not include lab fees or other consumable materials (eg art supplies) costs.

Is TXT0 course reporting mandated?
No, there is no policy demanding that TXT0 courses be indicated to the scheduling office.

Who is responsible for reporting that a course is TXT0?
The instructor of record is responsible for indicating that a course is TXT0, as they choose the textbook and materials for their courses.