Screenshot of UH OER Pressbooks Intro presentation slides

UH Pressbooks Support Resources Now Available

New UH OER learning resources are now available!

These link-rich slides include Introduction to Pressbooks, Interactive OER, and Collaborative OER Strategies for OER development, and were used during widely-attended OER trainings held in April. Having been scheduled for in-person delivery prior to COVID restrictions, the presentations were modified with questions and prompts to encourage virtual participation. More than a dozen new Pressbook sites were recently opened for instructors, pointing to greater interest and continued growth of OER use.

The slides include much of what we have learned over the last three years piloting the use of Pressbooks to support OER at UH. Much more than just flat textbooks, faculty and instructors across the UH system are making engaging, tech-forward textbooks that cost students nothing and are endlessly customizable. Several projects discussed in the workshops have entered second development phases of their content, putting H5P and other embedded media to use for students.

Mahalo to everyone that joined us!

The slides decks are linked below:

UH OER Pressbooks Intro

Screenshot of UH OER Pressbooks Intro presentation slides

Interactive OER Pressbooks

Interactive OER Pressbooks slide deck cover

Collaborative OER Strategies

Screenshot of Collaborative OER Strategies slide deck

Having trouble accessing the slides? Send an email to and we’ll take care of you.

Posted by Billy Meinke